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The 2nd Biology for Physics conference “Biological evolution and nonequilibrium physics: close encounters” to be held in Barcelona on the 3rd-7th of July 2022 will be focused on the most general aspects of evolution from the perspective of physics. In particular we aim to set a wide open interdisciplinary forum of researchers to discuss ideas regarding how our current knowledge of physics can contribute to understand evolution in biology, from the ancestral chemistry to molecular, cellular and organismic entities. Evolution stands out as one of the current most exciting research topics with broad implications in all modern sciences, from Darwinism in biology to evolutionary diseases in biomedical research, passing through the most varied spectrum of fundamental problems in physics and mathematics. We expect to organize a fantastic interdisciplinary conference with the most relevant topics and speakers in the area.
The workshop is organized under the auspices of the Division of Physics for Life Sciences from the European Physical Society and will be held at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) on the beautiful Barcelona seashore. We expect seeing you all in Barcelona!!

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